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Owner of a Lonely Heart

be yourself, give your free will a chance

with reckless abandon
2 July 1982
Hello, this is Jillian here. I live in California with my boyfriend* who supports my role-playing addiction (mostly because he is a D&D geek) and I have an awesome network of friends that I check up on using this journal. I work as a chemist (in the chemistry sense, not the pharmacology sense) for a company that makes salt and while I am happy in my job, it is one day my dream to open up a tea parlour and spend the rest of my life experimenting with baking yummies, which is quite different from previous dream of going to medical school and becoming a doctor. I am a person of many different talents and even more personality facets. I have an obsessive personality and love to share my new/current/old discoveries because I love getting people excited about things.